We remember.

When I saw the news about that, I couldn't believe that.
We should remember it ever and ever.


Total Eclipse of the Heart

it's so cute~


hey waht's up ?

Long time no see man~


To take pictures

When I am taking some pictures, I can be rich because I can get anything in my camera. I love my camera.


Manhattan In NY

My Family and my relative. I never seen my relative who live in NYC, but I love them. Hello~I hope to see you soon.
And thank you for visiting my father's exhibition. I will visit NYC soon.

NYC, I never gone to there, but I really wanna go to NYC because NYC is the best city in the world. Next time, I will go there even alone.


Special Class about Design

Yesterday, I could take a open class with my friends. Special geust is famous designer in NY. However it made me sleepy.

My old cameras

I was lucky man because I bought some cameras to cheap. Total price is $12. It's amazing!

It's me

Cafe in Carbondale

Happy birthday Choi~

Farmers Market

I went to the farmers market withmy mother. Every saturday, many farmers come to Carbondale with thier farm produce such as fruits, honey, flowers, and bread. These farm produces are freshness, and a low price because there are no a margin. Im so happy to eat fresh foods. Also you can see my mother, who buys some flowes, in this picture.


Study. r.e.a.l.l.y...

Photo by DK